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Welcome to the official Feldjager Webpage!
 We are an elite arm of the German Navies.

Here you can learn about the squad or communicate with squad members.

You can also get direct links to game resources such as Betas and campaign maps.

Make sure to join us in game.


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Recent News

Think This Site Is Awesome?

We are looking for an individual or multiple squad members to come together to make this site better.  We need $150 to enhance site features.  That gets us a custom domain name, the ability to add some pretty cool and erotic HTML elements, and behind the scenes goodies that can take us to the next level.  Message Aldnoah on this site or in game for more info.

Campaign #123 Has Started!

We're fighting it out against the allies This Campaign!  Join the fight today!  Not a squad member yet? Message a squad member for info on how to join. 

Fight hard!  Win hard! 

Kick those allies in the @$$ this campaign!

Join us on Team Speak 3

The Axis Team Speak Channel is:    ts.wwiionline.com:9977 

(put feldjgr before your nickname)